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Heat and Abrasion

When we were contacted by Australia’s premier insulation glass bat company, we were surprised to find 500 Bhn Bisalloy steel with standard hardfacing wire only surviving 2 days in its role as a deflector of white hot sand/glass.

Our experience in overlaying wear deflectors for smelting plants alerted us to the need to address the wear problem with a 2 pronged approach. We needed to create an overlay that was both extremely hard and able to tolerate extremely high temperatures.

Pictured above is the deflectors used in the high temperature process.  The deflector on the left has achieved 2 days use.  The one on the right is totally destroyed by day 3.

We opted for a tungsten composite matrix combined with our own HRC 60 wire and heat treated. The end result was a superhard product able to withstand extreme temperature.

Pictured above on the left is the deflector after heat treatment, and to the right the deflector after 29 days of continuous work. 

The final photograph was taken after 29 days of continuous work. What is even more amazing is that each finished deflector costs our customer less than one hundred dollars.

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